Alarm Clock: The Best Productivity App

Some time ago, a friend of mine asked on Facebook what our favorite app to start the day is, and it got me thinking. How many so-called productivity apps have you tried out? Five? Ten maybe? And how many of them worked? One or two at most, and you’ve also ditched them because they are usually too inconvenient to use, they don’t do much, or they are just packed with unnecessary features. But there is one productivity app that works, and everybody has one. The Alarm Clock. Here are a few reasons why.

    1. It Works On Any Device. iOS, Android, Windows Phone, phones without an operating system, your car, your microwave. If Symbian were still around, it would work.
    2. No Unnecessary Features. Sunrise, sunset, motivational quotes – who gives a damn?! The Alarm Clock has the one and the only feature you need – that thing when it goes beep-beep. It will wake you up, and you will do shit. If you need a motivational picture of a Mediterranean town with the photoshopped sky to wake you up, maybe you’ve got bigger problems in your life.
    3. It’s multifunctional. Who says you have to use it for waking up? It can serve as a reminder. Yes, you don’t get to set the purpose of the reminder, as you do with other productivity apps; you just set the time. If you can’t remember the reason you set it in the first place, it probably isn’t essential.
    4. It’s easy to use. Just pick the time you want, set it on, and forget about it. Until it rings. Then you do, whatever you’re supposed to do.
    5. It’s free. You don’t have to pay extra; it comes with the device. As the bartender in the first episode of the first part of the last season of Breaking Bad said to Walter White “Even if I was, like, rich. Free is always good”.

Wake up and start your day! 

P.S. Don’t use the snooze button. It’s not a feature. It’s a bug.

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